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Welcome to my Website, my passion and my love of Honey and Herbs. I will Post Blogs about a variety of things usually multi faceted in depth! DIY recipes using Honey and Herbs, Herbal benefits both physically and metaphysically, ceremony suggestions for yourself and your friends, Drink and food Ideas, Home remedies for the common cold and flu, Honey Bee facts and whatever else manifests to fruition through this sweet life :) Thank you for joining me in Mindfulness and love for Mother Earth. 

For thousands of years Honey has been revered for its properties as a food and medicine by many Cultures around the World. It is mentioned in the Bible, part of every Summer and now even the World Health Organization is on to the benefits of Honey. It is most notably recognized as a treatment for upper respiratory tract infection and a quick ease for those persistent coughs by stimulating saliva secretions and mucus secretions in the airways soothing the dryness associated with coughs. 

The sweet honey bee collects flower nectar to produce the nutrient rich mix containing more than 200 substances and has been proven as an antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti inflammatory power house.   Did you know the Dandelion flower is a complete food source for the honey bee, containing all the amino acids necessary for our furry friends? Not only does the Dandelion flower feed the Honey Bees, it has tremendous health benefits for us as well, from root to flower. Please bee mindful about spraying them with pesticides, it may just end the life of a Honey Bee, and their work is desperately needed! 


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