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Elderberry Hibiscus Infused Honey

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Elderberry Hibiscus:

Excellent Vitamin C boots which may also help support your immune system and respiratory infections. A tasty tonic for Winter and to have on hand at the onset of colds or for a tasty delight.

Tasting Notes: 

Citrus - Plum - Berry

Elderberry contains high levels of Vitamin C which provides immuno-nourishing properties and helps support respiratory infections, colds and flus, stubborn coughs and arthritis.  

Hibiscus is also high in vitamin C, can lower blood pressure and flavors this blend with a touch of tangy sweetness. Pregnant women should contact their doctor before using this honey.  

Uses: Elderberry Hibiscus Honey can be used in tea, oatmeal, drizzled over pancakes and toast and as a marinade for meat.