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Elderflower Rose Infused Honey

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Elderflower Rose: 

Beautiful and botanically floral, this honey blend is healing and versatile. Enhance your immune function with antioxidants while building collagen in your skin. Try as a face mask or meat glaze. 

Tasting Notes: 

Botanically bright - Floral - Woodsy

Elderflower is a powerful antioxidant which has long been known for the benefits to your overall health. High in Vitamin C and the particular antioxidant, quercetin, makes this herb beneficial in protecting you from those daily oxidative stressors which can lead to chronic dis-ease in your body. 

Rose is an excellent herb for the skin due to her collagen building components from the richness of Antioxidants, Tannins, Flavanoids, Vitamins A, B3, D, C, and E.


One of our most versatile Honeys due to it’s dynamic use from culinary arts to botanical skin care. Try this flavor as a salmon glaze with Orange slice or as a face mask and send your senses to bloom.