Nettle Rose Infused Honey
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Nettle Rose Infused Honey

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Alleviate Allergies with Love

Nettle Rose is a whole body nutrient reducing fatigue, nourishing the adrenal glands, endocrine system and immune system with its heardy punch of Chorophyll, bitamins A, B1, B2,C, E, K and D, iron, folic acid, calcium, trace minerals, magnesium and anti-histamine which makes it magical in allergy relief. Combined with the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of Rose, this blend is sure to get you through those touch Spring and Summer months with support and love. Metaphysically this blend allows your beauty to fully bloom while the thorns of Rose command healthy boundaries of respect and the stinging Nettles keep away negativity and provide deep nourishment.  Herbs of water and earth help you stay flexible while grounding into Earth.

Nettle Rose is excellent for allergy support taken by the spoonful or added to your tea.