Orange Vanilla Infused Honey
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Orange Vanilla Infused Honey

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Orange Vanilla:

This blend offers bright and floral memories of summer Popsicle's but with powerful antioxidants, calcium and B vitamins. Drizzle from breakfast to dessert and become the sunshine.

Tasting Notes:

Citrus - Earthy - Camel


Loaded with nutrients good for overall health, Orange contains folate, copper, magnesium, B vitamins and enzymes making this a perfect blend to mix with apple cider vinegar for a natural electrolyte


The exotic scent is intoxicating, but Vanilla also offers anti- inflammatory and anti- depressant properties as well as aid in digestion and may also help lower cholesterol. Vanilla is also used for the skin


This blend has been one of my favorites for cooking with. I have used it from a Salmon Glaze to Zucchini Cake Frosting, face masks to spoonfuls and is fabulous with apple cider vinegar as a natural electrolyte.