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Lavender Vanilla Infused Honey

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Lavender Vanilla

A velvety and powerful honey blend! Lavender sits slightly behind the Vanilla Bean, which makes it among our favorite flavor profiles. The Mayans used vanilla to flavor their Chocolate drinks.

Tasting Notes: 

Floral - Chocolate - Earthy

Lavender can improve and balance your mood and support your brain. Use Lavender to ease stress, headaches and burns and use before bed for the sweetest of dreams.

Vanilla provides a powerhouse of minerals, anti-inflammation abilities and anti aging properties that will boost your vitality


Try as a salad dressing, in a beautiful Tea Latte or a unique drizzle over a cheese and fruit platter, which leaves you wanting it in everything. This Honey would make an excellent face mask as well. Make sure to keep an eye on the recipe book for ideas !